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Pokrex is an easy, efficient online planning poker tool (a.k.a. scrum poker, agile poker or pointing poker) for agile/scrum teams. What’s a Story Point | Scrum Better Voting (Planning Poker) During the Sprint Planning meet, the Product Owner spends about a minute explaining the PBI that needs to be have Story Points assigned. In the next minute or two Pigs ask questions to get clarity. Note: This is not a feature discussion meeting. Pigs and Product Owner should have a good idea about the PBIs prior to the ... Agile Estimating and Planning: Planning Poker - Mike Cohn ... This is an excerpt from Mike Cohn's Agile Estimating and Planning online training course. For more information or to stream and download the full-length cour... Sheepherding story points - Scrumpy Planning Poker Planning poker, also called Scrum poker, is a consensus-based, gamified technique for estimating, mostly used to estimate effort or relative size of development goals in software development. In planning poker, members of the group make estimates by playing numbered cards face-down to the table, instead of speaking them aloud.

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The Best Way to Establish a Baseline When Playing Planning Planning Poker relies on relative estimating, in which the item being estimated is compared to one or more previously estimated items. It is the … Planning Poker - The Power of Two

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The Planning Poker technique is a variation of the Wideband Delphi estimation technique. This technique is used in XP and Scrum sprint planning meetings to determine estimates of user stories. It is consensus based agile estimating and planning technique. Purpose: Estimate the effort for User Stories (Product Backlog Items, Value Drivers) Story Points: Why are they better than hours? - Scrum Inc Story points are therefore faster, better, and cheaper than hours and the highest performing teams completely abandon any hourly estimation as they view it as waste that just slows them down. For a complete break down on the points vs. hours debate see Scrum Inc.'s webinar on the topic.

Scrumpoker online is an open source web implementation of planning poker for scrum teams to determine the complexity of stories. It aims to integrate ticketing ...

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Story Points & Velocity (with Planning Poker) - Scrum & Kanban Sep 21, 2015 · Story points and velocity are probably the most well known tools for estimation in Agile environments. They are the basis for predictability with Scrum. To begin with, we should be clear on what a story point is. Most people reading this will have heard at least one definition, and probably more than one. I’m going to… Read More »